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Pore size analyzer


PSDA-30 Micro-filtration Membrane pore-size analyzer

PSDA-30M Micro-filtration Membrane pore-size analyzer

PSDA-30MU Micro-filtration Membrane pore-size analyzer

PSMA-10 ultra-filtration membrane pore-size analyzer

PSDA-20H pore-size analyzer

Integrity testers

PMA-800 integrity testers

FIA 40 automatic integrity tester

FIA-50 full-automatic integrity tester

Porous stainless-steels


The slices of porous stainless sheet

Porous stainless steel slim tube

Bright type of porous stainless steel

Gradient type of porous stainless steel

Newly type of porous stainless steel

Curved porous stainless steel

Aerator pipe

Powder conveying gas components

Clustered membrane filter

Palladium tube and hydrogen purifiers

Various palladium membranes tube

Palladium membrane tube used in industry

Palladium tube

One end of the enclosed palladium tube

Multi-channel palladium tube

Small palladium membrane module

Hydrogen permeation modules

Hydrogen permeation modules

UHP-122portable hydrogen purifiers

HP-126SHydrogen purifiers

HP–126BHydrogen purifier

UHG-300SUltra-pure hydrogen generators

Membrane separation technology

Decolorizing charcoal filter

Hydrogenation catalyst filtration

Silicon chip cutting fluid recovery system

Other products

Structured palladium catalyst

Palladium foil

High-heated card sets with sealed

High temperature sealed gasket

Silicon carbide whiskers

Stainless steel powder

Adsorbing material